Sourcing terry towel in china

toilet bath towels

Sourcing in China is never as convenient as today, but it is never an easy job, it demands a lot of energy and time, and you will be obliged to wait for unpredictable upshot until consignments arrived. On the flip side, manufacturers in china are in the similar situation. We are the manufacturer specialize in household textiles, I understand it from my over twenty years foreign sales.

Relatively long-term relationship benefit both buyers and vendors. Buyer keep changing supplier or vendor has no frequenters is an alarm for the company operation.Thank to the up to date techniques communication is not a problem anymore, all we need is knowledge of trade we in and prudence, and integrity.

First of all, find a right partner is the first step of success. Then we need to determine what kind vendor we want. There are manufacturer, agency, trade company, and wholesaler. Now consider the merchandise we will purchase. For household textile, the low-valued goods, if they are standard, the wholesaler is good enough, even get better price for same goods than from manufacturers.
If they are custom-made we had better use a manufacturer. For the bulk repeat purchase, the manufacturer is preferred too.

To work with a manufacturer or factory is simple and easy, ask for their sample of products. A manufacturer’s quality almost has no change in a long time period, their equipment, their staff and the boss’s attitude determined their level, the quality fluctuate around a certain level. A leap? not likely, a plummet I don’t think so.

So if the manufacturer has stock of products, ask them send one or several. If it is custom-made, ask them to make one, the sample’s quality is the best of them, if you approve the sample then place the order or move on, big improvement is not likely to happen.

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