Custom towels manufacturers

solid color jacquard towel

Custom towels are made as customer’s specific requirements, but not all towels for individual customer is custom-made. For example, regular towels finished with embroidery of customer’s logo, that is not custom made towels and almost no MOQ required. If the logo is woven, that means we design the towel from the beginning, here is always the MOQ requested.
A customer’s specific requirements usually include size, GSM, colors, techniques, and design.
We have standard specifications of towels, but customers always have their special needs. Such like gym towel or fit towels with zippered pocket. Our standard towels are usually white color that intended for hotel bathroom. The color other than white must be custom.
Some golf towels is custom made, different fabric, triple folds or not, different clips and grommet.
Beach towels most are with print on terry velour with custom patterns, and different shapes.
MOQ is a very tricky problem for custom made towels. Customer always ask for lowest MOQ, but they do not know our hands are bound. Different techniques require different MOQ.
A custom color the dyeing house require 400kg at least, because the smallest volume of a dyeing vat is 400kg, if towels less than 400kg, the dyeing house still charge the 400kg.
As to custom size or weight, we need adjustment the looms and prepare new warp beam, two beams once, together weight about 700kg~800kg about.
With regard to use yarns other than 32s, 21s, 16s these standard yarns, custom beach towels manufacturers need MOQ 1000kg. This is talking screen printing, it need a custom-made printing plate to begin with. With the development of technology, from CTF(Computer To Film) to CTP(Computer To Plate), the setup cost and time decreased dramatically. But there is still the test and adjustment fee, and material wasted for testing.
So in fact, MOQ is calculated on the cost and price of products, it is a result of comprehensive trade-off between cost and quantity, we manufacturer must consume fixed cost firstly, then produce as many as possible to dwindle the unit price.
Custom-made towels are for a niche not a mass-market, so it’s a little higher price is acceptable, and the only way to reduce the cost is by development of the technique.

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