Yarns of towels, which one do you prefer?

Towels can be made by weaving and knittting, with regard to bath linens we are talking about woven towels.

Generally, woven towels are made of three kinds of yarns, they may be same or may be different. They are warps/ends(ground warps),wefts/picks(ground wefts) and pile loops( belong to the ends/warps),here we call pile warps or loop warps.Waps and wefts composed the ground, and pile warps form the piles looks like plant on the towel face.

There are many counts of yarns, but towels choice are unmbered. Theoretically, more fine yarns make better towels, but too fine yarns make towels too delicate, especially in hospitality industry durability is vital, easy broken towels would be costly.

In practice, we use 21s/2 as ground warps, 16s/1 as ground wefts, and 32s/2,16s/1,21s/2 one of them as pile ends form the piles/loops.

Under the same GSM condition, 16s/1 usually has longer loops, looks luxury, touch soft, but relatively delicate. 32s/2 loops soft and elegant and rather durable. 21s/2 loops is good for hardwork.

So what is your choice? Why? I would appreciate your comments.

Footnote: Fineness of Cotton yarns, we usually use count to indicate, such like 16s, 20s, 30s, bigger number mean finer yarn. 16s/1 indicate one-ply yarn, 20s/2 and 30s/2 means two-ply yarns twist together.

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