How to judge the quality of a towel

dobby border bath towels

In everyday life, I’m afraid that almost nobody pay attention to the towels, since they are so common, but you should, if you are in the towels business.Towels can be classify in to several catalogs according to different standards and methods.
According to target market, there are hospitality industry and household market. Towels for industry or business are usually with high quality and without fancy patterns and colors, white is the most popular color in hospitality business. In recent years, towels with a dobby border, are prevail in the market. The border can have various repeating geometric patterns without pile loops on it. Why such design towels get popular, I think there are two reasons. The first is that we can put a business name or logo on it by embroidery or jacquard, and will not jeopardize the elegance. Second, such design is cost-effective, the cost compare to the plain weaving almost same, just a little higher, say $0.00047 higher per gram.

Towels for hospitality business always have high quality, that is why every one love the hotel towels, soft, smooth, thick and thirsty. Because we always use the best yarns to weave the hotel towels. As we mentioned above, white is a common color of hospitality towels. Besides the hygiene consideration, white color towel ‘s quality can be judge by eyes. The towels use original high quality 100%cotton yarns, it’s color will be soft, pure, vivid, clear and clean. And the last real consideration is the cost. White color towels is the cheapest of all colored towels of the identical specifications. Any color but white will add further dyeing cost according to the darkness of color. By the way, the more darkness mean applied more dye agent and keep longer time in the dyeing process, that will degrade the strength of yarns a little. In household application it is not a problem, but in hospitality industry, that should be take into account.

Beside the material applied and dyeing process, the way of weaving of towels is another critical factor. In recent years, there are two kinds looms predominate in towel factories. The high speed rapier looms and the air project looms, they all have high speed and great stability. The high speed request high strength of the yarn and the yarns moving smoothly. These means high quality yarns,and sophisticated yarn feed instruments and stable weaving process, that further insure the yarns intact. These factors all improve and ensure the great quality of towels.
Above We have discussed some important factors of the towel, below we will introduce a bunch of criteria that denote the quality of towels.

1, Weight error allowance: ±2.5% Weight is not easy to be exactly as planed, there always more or less, the weigh of the weight must under certain moisture circumstance. As we all know, the towel’s cost depend on the weight, GSM(Gram per Square Meter) is one of the important index to indicate the towel’s thickness.
2, Broken strength: ≧220N The ability of yarns resist pulling force, this indicator decide the durability of towels.
3, Water Absorbency: ≦ 10 Second. This indicate how quick towel absorb water, thirsty towel means it is in a good condition.
4, Lint rate: Terry towel≦ 0.4%,Velour ≦ 0.5%. Shedding is very annoying, some because of poor quality , some because of rinse not enough. Our high quality yarns and advanced air jet looms make sure the lowest lint rate.
5, Color fastness: fade and stain 4 Grade. Color fastness indicator include dry color fastness and wet color fastness, perspiration color fastness, abrasion color fastness.
6, Appearance quality. The quality towels always have clear and clean color, the dull towels will be questionable. Then we check these items, Include but not only shape, broken or missed yarn, stain or spot, stitches density. All these can be observed by eyes and inspected by a piece of ruler. Regular towels should be rectangular, pile loops should be tidy 。

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