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We are hotel towel towels supplier, wholesale high quality cotton towels to hospitality business at competitive price.

Hotel towels or hotel collection towels are usually extremely fluffy, soft, absorbent and durable. The are fluffy , soft and absorbent because of excessive thickness. They are durable because of choice quality of cotton.

Cotton towels are the best choice for hospitality industry, because of it’s natural characters, such as skin amicability, excellent water absorbency, softness and so on, so mainly hotel towels are made of cotton.

We wholesale hotel towels of high quality at affordable price, quick shipping, bulk sale price available.

Luxury dobby border bath towels, hand towels, face towels/washcloths, bath mats with custom business logo wholesale at bulk sale price.

Small order quantity is available at same price, no further charge.

As regards as to packing, we usually use bale plus poly bags and compress the towels to reduce the shipping cost, according to request otherwise.

white hand towel
32s/2ply Fluffy hand towels
white hand towel
Fluffy hand towels
hotel towels
hotel style bath towels
Bath Mat
Bath mats
bath towels
Bath towels set (16s/1ply)
bath towels sets
Bath towels set (32s/2ply)


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