Difference between yarn-size 21s2 32s2 and 16s

We all know there are many counts of yarns, but there are only several kinds of count yarns applied in towel industry. They are 21s/2, 32s/2 and 16s/1.
As the count number rise the yarn come finer, but two yarns combine by ring together get thicker. So the 21s/2 is thickest, the 32s/2 is finer, and the 16s/1 is the finest yarn among them.

According to the common sense, the more fine yarns the more delicate towel, then can we use 45s/1 , 60s/1 even 180s/1 yarn to weave towel? No, that is not practicable, that towel can not be use as a towel , it will be too delicate, and the towel will be too thin to use.

Because 21s/2 is thick, so it usually used to weave heavy duty towel, which has great durability than the others.

Then is the 32s/2, it is relatively finer, and so towel made of 32s/2 is relatively soft and smooth.

16s/1 is finest, according to common sense we should use short pile loops, but on contrary we has long pile loops by 16s/1, but usually with spiral shape. So towels made of 16s/1 yarn are usually luxury, soft and thirsty, but such towels’ durability can not compete 32s/2 and 21s/2 theoretically, because there are yarn quality the factor should be counted in.

Above we only discussed the difference between 16s/1, 32s/2 and 21s/2 as pile loops of towels. The towel base usually made of 21s/2 (warps)and 16s/1(picks/wefts) flat weave.

16s/1 ring spun yarns piles/loops

16s/1 pile loops
16s/ 1 ring spun yarns

32s/2 ring spun yarns piles/loops

32s/2 pile loops
32s/2 ring spun yarns piles/loops

Let’s have a close up check between 16s/1 and 21s/2


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