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Covenant Tex is a terry towel and bathrobe manufacturer and supplier in Mainland China, devoted to supplying highest quality products at best price.

Why is it environment-friendly to use white towels?


We all love colorful towels, but if possible I would suggest you only use white towels. The following is why. Firstly, white towels can not hide dirt. If you care about your personal hygiene,you should keep your towels as white as possible. Second, white towels are easily to wash and…

What is the difference between washcloth and the other towels?


Bath linens are towels application in bath room, they include washcloth, bath towels, hand towels, bath rugs and finger towels. They are all made of cotton and is terry, but has different usage. We use washcloth wash face and body, so it is basically used for cleaning. Our skin usually…

Difference between yarn-size 21s2 32s2 and 16s


We all know there are many counts of yarns, but there are only several kinds of count yarns applied in towel industry. They are 21s/2, 32s/2 and 16s/1.As the count number rise the yarn come finer, but two yarns combine by ring together get thicker. So the 21s/2 is thickest,…

What is the MOQ of the order?


MOQ, Minimum Order Quantity. MOQ as a question raised always company custom-made towels. Custom color, custom design, custom pattern or logo, custom package etc. Why there is MOQ requirement ? Factory, always love continue production, best never change the specifications. Because once there is need to change specification, we must…

Buying Private Label Towel in China


The most common reason for outsource manufacturing is the reduction of cost. Western companies outsource manufacturing to China to have their goods assembled, or completely built overseas, at incredibly low costs. … Hence, many people consider cutting costs by outsourcing their production to countries like China. Private label towel or…

What is a Dobby Border?


Dobby border towels is a genius design to the hospitality industry.

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