Cotton is the first choice among various material, because of it’s natural, green, soft and absorbent, durable. We are cotton bath towel manufacturer, we make to order custom bath towels and wholesale standard specifications bath towels off-the -shelf.

What is a bath towel?

A bath towel used to dry body off after showering or(and) wrap around body to keep warm or as a temporary dress.

So the quality of absorbency is a crucial factor, it decide how quickly the bath towel absorb the water and how much water it absorbed before it become soggy.

Bath towels usually has relatively bigger size and higher weight, width range 70cm~100cm, length range 140cm~160cm, and thickness range 400~800gsm.

I personally do not recommend GSM above 800, because the bath towel will be too heavy, especially when it is soaked. And from the point of view of economy, considering price has a direct relationship with weight, too high weight is unnecessary to the use.

How to choose bath towels?

Function first. Since we use bath towels to dry body, so they must be absorbent.  And since it directly contact our skin, we need it be soft. When it is wrap around body, we hope it is comfortable.

Second, the bath towels must be skin-friendly, free from hazardous and noxious substance. This is a crucial factor, health is above every thing.

Third, the durability. The bath towels are not disposable, we usually use it for a rather long time, and will stand many times washing and rinse. Then the material is important. High quality long staple cotton make the yarns of towel durable, besides the quality cotton improve softness, absorbency.

Covenant Tex is a terry towels manufacturer use India imported 100% cotton produce excellent commercial towels for various businesses.